Cybercrime Department

Supreme Court prosecutor orders investigation into organised crime in mykonos and cyclades islands, including lifting of phone privacy

Georgia Adilini, the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, has called for an investigation into organised crime activities on Mykonos, other Cyclades islands, and even in Athens and Thessaloniki.

The Recent Fake Bomb Alerts Turned out to Be Part of an International Action

The false bomb signals received today from airports and the media in Bulgaria are part of an international scheme. A similar series of messages were sent to other EU countries, the Interior Ministry said. This happened in the same order as in Bulgaria - first at the airports, then at the media.

Bulgarian Police: The Bomb Threat Emails were Sent from Switzerland and Seychelles

The bomb threat emails to airports and media in Bulgaria were sent by providers from Switzerland and Seychelles, the Chief Directorate for Combatting Organised Crime (CDCOC) said on August 22. A day earlier, such emails were sent to institutions in several other European countries and in Vancouver, Canada, reports BNT. 

Ten Bulgarians Detained for Paedophilia

Officers from the Cybercrime Department of Bulgaria's General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime have detained 10 more Bulgarian citizens alleged for online abuse of children. The paedophiles arrested on the whole territory of the country in April and May exercised continuous and arrogant sexual blackmail and torture upon their victims /minors aged 7 to 12/, reports BNT.

Bulgarian Authorities Disrupt Unprecedented Cybercrime Group

Bulgaria's directorate for combatting organized crime and the specialised prosecutor's office disrupted a cybercrime group that siphoned off accounts through internet fraud, reports BNT.

Fraudsters offered trading in financial instruments through two call centres in Sofia. The generated profits are over 700,000 BGN. Charges were pressed against three people.