Cypriot central bank

Bank of Cyprus repays emergency funding in full

Bank of Cyprus, which was forced to recapitalize by seizing customer savings in 2013, said on Thursday that it has fully repaid emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) to the island's central bank.

The lender said it had repaid 11.4 billion euros in total.

Most of it was a legacy of Laiki, a lender that was shut down during the financial crisis that gripped Cyprus in March 2013.

Cyprus court jails ex-central banker for tax evasion

A former governor of Cyprus's Central Bank was sentenced to five months in jail on Monday on charges of evading tax on earnings following his retirement.

Christodoulos Christodoulou, who led the Cypriot central bank for five years prior to his departure in 2007, had pleaded guilty to failing to declare revenue of a consultancy he jointly owned with his daughter.