Democratic Union for Integration

North Macedonia Marks Anniversary of Deal to End Internal Conflict

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, North Macedonia this year decided against holding a traditional banquet to commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the historic 2001 Ohrid Peace Accord which ended a short-lived conflict that year by granting more rights to the country's ethnic Albanians.

‘Albanian PM’ Demand May be Slowing North Macedonia Coalition Talks

The former partners in the last coalition government in North Macedonia, the Social Democrats, SDSM, of Zoran Zaev, and the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, led by Ali Ahmeti, are engaged in substantial talks on a new government, amid speculation that talks might be stuck over the DUI's insistence on an ethnic Albanian prime minister.

North Macedonia Parties ‘Almost Level’ Before Election: Survey

An opinion poll published on Monday by the International Republican Institute, IRI, a US-based democracy development organisation, suggested that North Macedonia's main ruling Social Democrats enjoy a very slight popularity advantage over their bitter rivals, the right-wing opposition VMRO DPNNE party.

New Alliance Worries North Macedonia’s Junior Ruling Party

The junior ruling ethnic Albanian party in North Macedonia has reacted with dismay to the announcement of a new election alliance between its senior partner and another ethnic Albanian party.

A senior official from the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, said the new agreement between the Social Democrats and BESA would only damage the Albanian vote in the April general elections.

Coalition Tensions Put North Macedonia Prosecution Law at Risk

Efforts to pass a long-awaited law in North Macedonia on the prosecution before the Sunday deadline expires continued on Friday, after a tense day in parliament saw the main ruling Social Democrats frustrated by the conduct of their junior partners in the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI.

North Macedonia Parties Unite Against Election Law Reform

In what looked like a closely coordinated move, the junior partner in the coalition government in North Macedonia, the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, and the main opposition VMRO DPMNE party, on Thursday submitted thousands of amendments to the proposed change to the electoral law.

North Macedonia President Rejects Allegations Against Intelligence Chief

President Stevo Pendarovski defended Erol Musliu on Thursday, calling him a "a top professional", after the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI party, the junior partner in North Macedonia's ruling coalition, criticised his appointment as the new National Intelligence Agency chief.