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PPPs keeping construction sector afloat

Building projects adding up to 630 million euros have served as a lifeline for the construction sector, which has seen only a handful of new projects in the past few years. Since the start of this year, however, four tenders have been proclaimed, mainly by universities that intend to upgrade their facilities and particularly their student accommodation, where shortages are considerable.

Officers trained for new domestic violence units

The Hellenic Police (ELAS) is preparing to train additional staff for its 73 regional domestic violence response units, which were created in November last year.

The move is part of a government plan to tackle domestic violence in the country and educate officers on how to handle such cases. Complaints about domestic violence are often underestimated by the authorities.

Spider population explodes on lagoon island in western Greece

The shores of an island in the Aitoliko lagoon in western Greece is literally crawling with spiders, much to the surprise of locals.

Authorities and environmentalists have assured the public the phenomenon is nothing to worry about, saying it is nature's response to the growing number of insects in the area.

EU-funded environmental protection project launched

Conservationists in Greece expect to receive a big boost after the launch of a major European Union-funded program related to the protection of the Mediterranean country's natural environment and biodiversity.

The so-called LIFE IP 4Natura project aims to develop and implement measures for the protection of species and habitats in the EU's Natura 2000 network.

A student to die for! (20 SEXY PHOTOS)

Her name is Anastasia Stefanidou, she is a student at Democritus University of Thrace where she is studying Political Sciences.

But what is makes the social media go crazy about her is not her views on ideologies and political systems.


It’s her amazingly sizzling hot body she just cannot show enough of at her Instagram account.

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Ancient bone mix-up: Is the real King Philip II being kept in a uni cupboard?

King Philip II of Macedon – a general extraordinaire – who transformed Greece into the dominant military power in the Balkans, paving his way for his son Alexander the Great to conquer the known world, was assassinated in 336 BC. His tomb was found in pristine condition in 1977 with the “Vergina Sun” – the symbol etched on his old coffin becoming the emblem of Macedonia.