Department of Justice

US: Ex-FBI counterintelligence agent aided Russian oligarch

A former high-ranking FBI counterintelligence official who investigated Russian oligarchs has been indicted on charges he secretly worked for one, in violation of U.S. sanctions. The official was also charged, in a separate indictment, with taking cash from a former foreign security officer.

More Classified Documents found in Joe Biden's Home

The US Department of Justice has discovered more classified documents in the home of President Joe Biden. This happened on Friday, but news of the search was announced late Saturday by the president's lawyer. Some of the documents are from Biden's term as vice president, and others from his time as a senator.

Source: Biden team finds more docs with classified markings

 President Joe Biden's legal team has discovered additional documents containing classification markings in a second location, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press on Wednesday. The revelation comes days after an attorney for the president said Biden's lawyers had discovered a "small number" of classified documents at his former office space in Washington.