Development Ministry

EU fund absorption quadruples in late 2019

Payments from the European Union's Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework, known in Greek as ESPA, amounted to 32.7 percent of public spending over 2019, a statement by the Development Ministry noted on Friday. When the Agricultural Development Program is included, the payments represent a 35.8 percent share.

Two of China's largest banks moving to Greece

Two of China's biggest banks plan to do business in Greece, the Bank of Greece, has announced. 

Specifically, the central bank informed the Development Ministry on October 31 about the establishment of branchs of a branch of Bank of China (Europe) Luxembourg. 

The branch is to be located at Mesogeion Avenue, 2, and has a launch date of November 1, the BoG said. 

Teen death in amusement park attributed to excessive speed

The fatal fall of a 14-year-old girl from the "flying carpet" of an amusement park near the town of Almyros in Volos central Greece on August 30 was the result of the ride's excessive speed, a probe has found.
The probe, published over the weekend, found that the ride's engine produces 123 horsepower instead of 15 hp as declared to authorities.

Bill foresees tighter rules for state officials, employers

Failure by individuals within the competent agencies of the state or local authority officials to send the required documents for the licensing of strategic investments within the given deadline will be punished with a minimum suspension of three months, according to the investment incentives bill that the Development Ministry has put up for consultation until Tuesday.