Education Ministry

Gendarmerie facility starts mask production

A facility belonging to the Gendarmerie Forces has commenced the production of protective masks as part of the country's efforts to fight against the coronavirus pandemic, which has already killed more than 100 people in Turkey.

The mask production, which began following a request from the Interior Ministry, is taking place at an atelier in Ankara.

Greece to use state TV to teach school children

Following the closure of all educational institutions earlier this month as part of a broader drive to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the Education Ministry is planning to offer educational television programs for primary school children via state broadcaster ERT and something similar for older pupils to supplement online classes. 

Hotels provided for Greek, foreign students without residence

Greek and foreign students who do not have a permanent residence in Greece and had to evacuate their halls of residence or hotels from March 25 to April 10 as part of the measures to halt the spread of the coronavirus will be able to stay at tourist accommodations, the Education Ministry said on Monday.

With school closures extended over Covid-19, teachers get to grips with online classes

As the Education Ministry scrambles to establish distance learning via virtual tools for long-term school closures, some teachers and pupils in Greece are trying to adapt to the new normal of instruction in the face of the public health emergency.

Around 900 million students not attending schools worldwide: Education minister

Turkey will start a distance education program for around 18 million students through six channels provided by the state-run Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the education minister has said, stressing that nearly 900 million students cannot go to schools worldwide and there is a need for an effective education system for children.

Time is of the essence

Greece's public healthcare system has so far responded well to the challenge of the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic. The only exception, albeit an important one, seems to be the testing, which has been neither as widespread nor as quick as conditions require.