Education Ministry

Minister signs decision ending practice of Greek schools recording pupils' religious faith

A ministerial decision formally ending the practice of Greek schools publishing the religious faith and nationality of pupils on school certificates and on Education Ministry's Myschool website was signed on Friday by Education Minister Niki Kerameus. 

Education Ministry moves to end practice of recording pupils' religion, nationality

A decision by the Education Ministry made public on Tuesday puts an official end to the practice of Greek schools keeping records of the religious faith and nationality of pupils and the inclusion of pupils' faith on school degrees or the ministry's "myschool" website.   

World First Aid Day marked, as events planned for schools

Members of Greece's ambulance service (EKAV) provide free fist aid lessons to the public at downtown Syntagma Square in Athens. The event marked World First Aid Day on Saturday, in the presence of Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias, who said that similar events are being planned for schools across the country in cooperation with the Education Ministry.

Crunch time for education

The findings of a recent study by an agency of the Education Ministry into the performance of Greece's high school students are disheartening at best, as they confirm the image of a failed national education system.

One of its most frightening conclusions is that around half of the country's secondary school pupils are functionally illiterate.