Energy and Water Regulatory Commission

Bulgargaz Anticipates Liquefied Gas Deliveries via Alexandroupolis Terminal In May

In a bid to enhance its energy security and diversify its gas supply sources, Bulgargaz is gearing up for the first deliveries of liquefied gas through the Alexandroupolis terminal, set to commence in May. The company's recent price application to the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (KEVR) sheds light on its strategic maneuvers and forecasts for the upcoming months.

February Brings a Drop in Bulgarian Natural Gas Prices

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) has approved a substantial 8.4% reduction in the price of natural gas for February, setting it at BGN 71.08 per megawatt-hour (MWh). This significant drop from January's approved price of BGN 77.60 MWh is poised to bring tangible benefits to Bulgarian consumers.

Anticipated 6% Drop: Bulgargaz Forecasts Significant Price Decrease for Natural Gas in February

Bulgargaz, the national gas company, projects a notable reduction in natural gas prices by nearly 6% for February. The company has submitted an application to the Bulgarian energy regulator outlining the expected change in pricing.

Bulgargaz Announces Proposed 6.5% Increase in December's Natural Gas Price

Bulgargaz, the public gas supplier of Bulgaria, revealed its proposed final natural gas price for December at 87.50 BGN/MWh (excluding excise duty and VAT), marking a 6.5% increase compared to November. The company emphasized that while this hike is lower than initially anticipated, it represents a significant rise for the upcoming month.

Bulgaria: Significant Rise in Price of Natural Gas in December

Consumers in Bulgaria are set to face an increase in natural gas prices by approximately 7.5% starting next month. This announcement emerged from the recent public session of the energy regulator, where the proposal put forward by "Bulgargaz" was deliberated. The proposed rate for the blue fuel is expected to be around BGN 87 per megawatt hour, exclusive of taxes and levies.

Natural Gas Prices Surge: Bulgaria Faces a 36% Increase Ahead of Winter

As Bulgaria braces for the onset of the heating season, the cost of natural gas is skyrocketing, with Bulgargaz EAD announcing a substantial 36% price hike. The company's proposed price for November 2023 stands at BGN 82.12/MWh, excluding excise duty and VAT, marking a significant financial burden for consumers.

Bulgaria: Electricity and Heating will become more Expensive starting tomorrow

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission approved the new electricity and heating prices starting from July 1.

On average, the price of electricity for household consumers increases by 4.37 percent. An increase of 4.24% is foreseen for "Electrohold", for EVN - by 3.78%, and for customers of "Energo Pro" - by 5.43%. These prices include the prices for network services.

Former Energy Minister: Bulgaria turned from an Exporter to an Importer of Electricity

"The order to increase the price of electricity is a reflection of everything that has been happening during the last 10 months of the caretaker government". This opinion was expressed by former energy minister Alexander Nikolov on the National Television.