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Bloomberg sees low bond yields, other indicators as signs of Greek recovery

Straight on the heels of a Greek 10-year bond issue with a record low one percent yield (compared to 45 percent one decade ago), Bloomberg is singing the praises of the prospects of the Greek economy and government and touts the once unthinkable possibility of Greek bonds returning to investment grade (even though they are still at the junk level).

Another day, another low for bond yields

Greek bonds have evolved into the perfect refuge for investors amid concerns in the global economy, and into a focus of attention regarding their improvement prospects, leading to the pursuit of Greek returns. Many investors who missed out on last year's rally have noticed the positive outlook and are rushing to jump on the bandwagon ahead of further credit rating upgrades and inclusion in the

Incentives for the merger of companies with bad loans

The new bankruptcy law that the government is working on will offer incentives for the merger of companies that have nonperforming corporate loans entering a restructuring process, according to sources. The aim is to have the bill voted into law by the end of April, in line with the country's pledges in the process of the post-bailout enhanced surveillance.