European Commission

Janša, Simoniti accept invitation to EP media hearing, insist on in-person format

Ljubljana – PM Janez Janša and Culture Minister Vasko Simoniti gladly accept an invitation to an exchange of views on Slovenian media with the European Parliament’s Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights Monitoring Group, however the discussion should be held in face-to-face format in the European Parliament, the government said on Tuesday.

Tourism ministers urge predictability of border crossing regimes

Ljubljana – EU ministers in charge of tourism have agreed it is important to ensure simple and predictable border crossing regimes, as they held a virtual meeting on Monday. This effort will expectedly be made easier with a digital vaccination passport the EU intends to propose later this month.

PNL: 2021 budget manages to cover all the state's financial obligations

Liberal deputy Bogdan Hutuca declared on Monday that the 2021 budget manages to cover "absolutely all the state's financial obligations". "The 2021 budget was put together against the background of the health crisis, of the economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and of the major macroeconomic imbalances piled up in the years preceding the crisis.

AUR: European vaccination passport is discriminatory measure

The Alliance for the Unity of Romanians (AUR) is requesting the Romanian state's authorities, the European commissioner Adina Valean and other representatives of Romania in various European forums to oppose the introduction of the COVID passport, showing that this measure is "discriminatory, anti-democratic and dangerous for the free movement of people, one of the pillars which the European Uni

EU much better coordinated and prepared a year into epidemic, debate hears

Ljubljana – About a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, the EU is better prepared to the crisis than at the beginning and better coordinated, agreed participants of Friday’s online debate hosted by the office of the European Parliament in Slovenia. Currently, the EU has high hopes of Covid-19 vaccines but is faced with problems in their supply, they said.

Govt makes public national recovery and resilience plan, opposition calls for debate

Ljubljana – The government has declassified the draft national recovery and resilience plan after pressure from the opposition that a broad debate was required on the document. The parliamentary EU Affairs Committee discussed the plan on Friday, rejecting all recommendations from opposition parties.

Left opposition critical of Janša’s fact-finding letter to EU

Ljubljana – The left-leaning opposition responded with criticism to Prime Minister Janez Janša’s letter to the European Commission that invites a fact-finding mission to Slovenia. The responses range from assessments that he is diverting attention and calls that the situation should be calmed down, to such that he is not fit for the post.