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Employers' associations, unions demand gov't to confer with social partners before adopting PNRR

Several employers' associations and trade unions have sent an open letter to the Government asking for consultation with the social partners before the adoption of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), according to a joint release issued on Monday by eight employers' and trade union organizations.

First vaccinated person in Romania: It was the biggest emotion; I was privileged because I was chosen

Bucharest, Dec 27 /Agerpres/ - Mihaela Anghel, a nurse at the Matei Bals Institute in the Capital, said she was excited and privileged to be the first person in Romania chosen to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus. "I think it was the biggest emotion.

European leaders hail post-Brexit deal

Political leaders in Europe on Dec. 24 hailed the belated sealing of a U.K.-EU post-Brexit deal that aims to lay the groundwork for long-term future cooperation.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lauded what he termed "a good deal for the whole of Europe," which offers "a new stability and a new certainty" to relations.

The Blockchain Industry in Slovenia

Slovenia, though small, is one of the fastest-growing countries in Europe, particularly in the business and economic contexts. After its successful economic succession from Yugoslavia, it was the first to join the European Union in 2004 and is the wealthiest Slavic nation, as measured by per capita GDP. 

Breakthrough: UK and EU reach post-Brexit trade agreement

Britain and the European Union have struck a provisional free-trade agreement that should avert New Year chaos for cross-border traders and bring a measure of certainty for businesses after years of Brexit turmoil.

With just over a week until the U.K.'s final split from the EU, the U.K. government said the "deal is done."