European Court of Human Rights

Taking Bosnia’s Constitution to Court – an Unfinished Fight

"Ethnicity should not be a constitutional category," she adds. "I won't identify with any of these groups out of principle."

A federation of six republics, the former Yugoslavia brought together Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Bosniaks, Macedonians Montenegrins and others under one socialist union, but it fell apart in a series of brutal wars in the 1990s.

JusMin Birchall: Tighter cooperation with the ECHR represents an important goal of the Justice Ministry

Justice Minister Ana Birchall met on Thursday with President of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Linos Alexandre Sicillianos, underscoring within the meeting that Romania wants a tight cooperation with the ECHR, taking into account the large number of cases Romania is involved in.

Germany Extradites Jailed Yugoslav Spy Chief to Croatia

Josip Perkovic was flown from Germany to Croatia on Thursday on a regular Croatia Airlines flight accompanied by plainclothes policemen, local media reported.

After landing, he was immediately taken to Remetinec prison in Zagreb, where he will be held while it is decided where he will serve the rest of his 30-year sentence.

European Court Probes BIRN Serbian Staffer’s Online Targeting

The European Court of Human Rights has asked both the Serbian government and a BIRN staffer, Sofija Todorovic, for more explanation, after she submitted a complaint to it about right-wingers who had targeted her online.

The court called on both sides to submit additional information and clarification by July 5.