European Free Trade Association Badalau says informal meeting of competitiveness ministers to discuss single market integratedly

The contribution of entrepreneurship, SMEs, start-ups, and scale-ups to EU's competitiveness will be among the topics to be discussed at an informal meeting of the ministers responsible for Competitiveness (COMPET) - Internal Market and Industry section, Romania's Economy Minister Niculae Badalau said on Friday.

British MPs Rejected Four Alternative Options for Brexit

After intense debates that went on for an entire evening, British lawmakers rejected the four alternative options for the Brexit deal proposed for voting, the World Agencies said.
A total of eight alternative options (A to H) were proposed for voting, of which Parliament Speaker John Berkow approved four (C, D E and G) for the vote.

Swiss Scrap Work Limits on Bulgarians, Romanians

Citizens of Bulgaria and Romania will enjoy the same working rights in Switzerland as other citizens of the European Union from June 1.

The Swiss government is lifting its restrictions on workers of the two Balkan countries, as the seven-year-transition period, set from 2009, on the free movement of persons agreement between the EU and Switzerland, expired on May 31.

Turkey cheaper than Europe but cars, booze, tobacco remain expensive

Turkey is more expensive than a few European countries but it remains cheaper than a majority of the continent, according to a new comparative purchasing power parity index released June 19 by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜ?K).

However, car prices stood above European levels, as did the prices of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and consumer electronics.

Svilanovic: Business plays key role in regional cooperation

BELGRADE - Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council Goran Svilanovic said Thursday that business played a key role in cooperation in the Western Balkans.

Long before politicians, businessmen understood the need to go beyond the national framework in order to keep their business going, Svilanovic said at the fourth Business Plus regional conference in Belgrade.