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Bulgaria: Initiative Committee is preparing a Referendum on March 3 remaining the National Holiday

In the weeks following President Rumen Radev's call to preserve the Third of March as a national holiday, an Initiative Committee of scientists, public figures, and intellectuals created the "Third of March" Movement for this purpose.

New Qatargate revelations: 280,000 Euros in Cash at the home of MEP’s son

The police found 280,000 euros in cash at the home of the son of MEP Maria Arena, reported the Belgian newspaper "Le Soir", quoted by BTA.

The uniformed officers searched five other locations, all of which were "directly or indirectly connected to Arena or her family," the prosecutor's office said in a statement.

Former Chief Prosecutor: Bulgaria is Run from the Back Seat of Jeeps

"There is no prosecutor's office and no chief prosecutor in the world that can fight corruption and theft when corruption and theft are the state policy. There is no way to achieve results for justice when the politicians who actually run the country and the economic circles behind them are at war and they don't want justice.