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Putin in mourning - pictures toured the world VIDEO / PHOTO

Photographs of a crushed Putin over his associate's deathbed have traveled the world.


For Putin, Zinichev was more than an associate, although he was officially the Minister of Emergency Situations.
He was also Putin's personal bodyguard for a while.

Who is Putin's man who was killed - a soldier, known for a 49-second media conference

As confirmed by that ministry, he died during the exercise, when he was saving the life of one person.
Zinichev, who is considered Putin's man, was born in 1966, in St. Petersburg.
He was a member of the army for many years, and he served in the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

Shooting in Downtown Moscow, FSB Officer was Killed

Gunfire in the centre of Moscow. A policeman is killed and two people are in serious condition. Three more were injured.

On Thursday night, an unidentified gunman began firing near the Federal Security Service building. He barricaded himself but was quickly eliminated by police. So far, his name and motives remain unknown.

Russia: Gunfire at Federal Security Service, officer and attacker killed PHOTO/VIDEO

An officer member of the Federal Security Service (FSS) was killed during a shooting in downtown Moscow, a FSS spokesman confirmed. Agencies reported that five people were injured, including two officers.
The footage circulating on social media shows members of law enforcement and gunshots in the background.

Ukraine-Russia at boiling point: Martial law and UNSC

NATO is monitoring the situation.

The tension between Russia and Ukraine comes over the situation in the Sea of Azov. Russian Coast Guard boats (on Sunday) seized three Ukrainian military vessels in the Black Sea near Crime, as they were trying to cross the Kerch Straits.

The Russian side used weapons to force the ships to stop.

Licence To Kill 'Double Agent' In UK? 

Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia had seemingly arrested former military intelligence officer Sergei Viktorovich Skripal in 2004 for acting as an agent for the British intelligence service. Moscow claimed that he had revealed his identity to the British foreign intelligence service - MI6 - in exchange of pecuniary and other benefits.