Finance Ministry

Athens to ask for austerity relief

 If measures are taken to ease the debt, there should be no need for primary surpluses to reach 4.5 pct of GDP

By Sotiris Nikas

The government is planning to raise the issue of changing the fiscal targets when talks on the sustainability of the Greek debt begin at the end of August, in an effort to loosen fiscal policy after a long period of austerity.

Ministry plan for tax cuts from 2015

After four years of tax increases that have strained Greek households and businesses, the Finance Ministry is planning to introduce tax cuts from next year for salaried workers, pensioners and self-employed professionals but this will depend on authorities boosting tax collection rates, Kathimerini understands.

‘No change’ to IMF plan for loan talks, fiscal gap

The board of the International Monetary Fund, one of Greece’s three international creditors, is to convene before the end of this month as planned to approve the release of a 3.6-billion-euro tranche of pending rescue funding, the Finance Ministry said in a statement on Saturday, rejecting press reports suggesting the meeting would be delayed.

Heating oil subsidy benefited 124,000 people

Some 124,000 people received a total of 14.3 million euros in heating benefits this week, the government said on Friday.

This takes to 169 million euros the total paid out to Greek families this past winter to help them meet their heating costs.

The Finance Ministry said that heating benefits for more than 830,000 families were approved this year.

SDOE imposes 142 million euros in fines on businesses for bogus invoices

The Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) imposed a total of 142 million euros in fines on Greek entrepreneurs who issued or received bogus invoices and to self-employed professionals who did not issue receipts for the provision of their services, the Finance Ministry said in a statement on Friday.