Finance Ministry

FinMin says short-time work for public employees not advised as everybody in public administration needed

Finance Minister Florin Citu says it is difficult to talk now about short-time working in the public sector, because the measure is difficult to interpret, cannot be applied uniformly and the entire administrative apparatus is needed in the fight against the coronavirus crisis.

Bankruptcy reform due this summer

The Finance Ministry is about to complete the drafting of the new bankruptcy code that will allow for the speedy bankruptcy of households as well as businesses. The bill will allow them to be relieved of their debts, offering them a second chance once their entire set of assets has been liquidated.

Landlords set to get ENFIA cut

The government is considering a 25 percent discount on this year's Single Property Tax (ENFIA) dues for owners who will suffer a loss in income following the state's decision to reduce the rents paid by corporations and households suffering directly as a result of the coronavirus restrictions by 40 percent.

Turkish Treasury borrows $1.8B through auction

The Turkish Treasury borrowed nearly 12.6 billion Turkish liras (nearly $1.8 billion) from domestic markets on April 6. 

Some 7.6 billion Turkish liras ($1.1 billion) in 14-month zero coupon Treasury bills- first issue- were sold in the first auction, the Treasury and Finance Ministry announced.

The Treasury bills will be settled on Wednesday and mature on June 9, 2021.