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Six Senior Public Officials Investigated over Conflict of Interest

By decisions adopted at a meeting today, the Commission for Combating Corruption and Forfeiture of Illegally Acquired Property has initiated proceedings for establishing a conflict of interest with respect to six senior public officials under Art. 6 para. 1 of the anti-corruption law, said the Commission's press office quoted by Focus News Agency. These persons are:

Good Tourism Conditions in the Lower Parts of The Mountains

Weather conditions in the lower parts of the mountains are good for tourism today, the Mountain Rescue Service with the Bulgarian Red Cross told Focus News Agency.
In the higher parts, over 2,300 m, there are snow drifts. Temperatures are below freezing - between -3C and -10C. The weather is clear and calm.
Facilities at most resorts are in operation.

Nearly 100 kg of Heroin for BGN 3.6 Million Were Seized at the Danube Bridge Border Checkpoint

Some 93.6 kg of heroin, divided in 184 packages, were detained at the Danube Bridge checkpoint yesterday, it transpired at a press briefing with Georgi Kostov, the Director of the Customs Agency, Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev, prosecutor of the District Prosecutor's Office - Ruse Andrey Angelov and Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Ivaylo Ivanov, said the press office of the C

The Special Prosecutor’s Office Has Brought Charges against Three Persons Involved in an Organised Crime Group for Trafficking of Women

The Special Prosecutor's Office has brought charges against three persons involved in an organised crime group for trafficking of women for the purpose of sexual exploitation in the country and abroad, said the Appellate Prosecutor's Office, quoted by Focus News Agency.