Food Safety Authority

Checks on Pig Holdings throughout the Country Are Being Halted

The State Agricultural Fund ceases to carry out on-the-spot physical checks on pig holdings throughout the country. The ban has been imposed by an Order of the fund's Executive Director, Vasil Grudev. It is part of the state's crisis response measures to prevent and combat the spread of African swine fever (ASF). EU animal health law provides new possibilities to fight communicable diseases in animals and humans

Agriculture Minister Petre Daea considers that the future European animal health law, which will come into force in April 2021, will create new possibilities to adjust the fight against communicable diseases in animals and humans, playing also an important role in providing new and modern tools in the prevention and control of these diseases.

PM Dancila meets Vietnamese PM: We agreed to speed up procedures on conditions to carry out exports of Romanian products

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila carried out discussions on Monday, at the Victoria Palace, with a governmental delegation of Vietnam, led by Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, agreeing to speed up the national procedures for establishing the necessary conditions to carry out exports of Romanian products of animal origin, honey and beekeeping products on the Vietnamese market.

USR demands resignation of Agriculture Minister

Save Romania Union (USR, opposition) demands the resignation of Agriculture Minister Petre Daea for "incompetence or indifference" he evinces in handling the crisis triggered by the African swine fever.

According to a press release sent to AGERPRES on Tuesday, USR objects to the absence of adequate information campaigns among the population regarding this virus.

Bulgaria to Finish Building Fence on Romanian Border Next Week

Bulgaria has built over 101 kilometers out of the 133 kilometers of fencing on its border with Romania, with the purpose of preventing the spread of the African swine fever virus by boars in Romania that may cross the border, according to Bulgaria's deputy Agriculture minister Atanas Dobrev.

Dobrev estimated that the fence will be completed sometime next week.