Foreign Ministry

Foreign Ministry: Big Protests are Expected to Block Barcelona

In the days remaining until the end of the week, tensions and opposition between protesters and law enforcement officials in the Spanish Autonomous Region of Catalonia and its capital Barcelona are expected to increase. A general strike was announced on October 18, the Foreign Ministry announced.

Greece condemns Turkish offensive in Syria, warns of humanitarian impact

Greece has condemned Turkey's unilateral offensive in northeastern Syria, calling it a "direct violation of international law," while warning that the operation could have serious humanitarian consequences.
In a statement on Thursday, the Foreign Ministry urged Turkey to halt its military operation, echoing the European Union position expressed on Wednesday.

Transnistria Seeks Russia’s Blessing to Issue Passports in Moscow

Moldova's breakaway region of Transnistria has asked its ally and sponsor Russia to allow it to issue Transnistrian "passports" at the diplomatic office it opened in January in Moscow.

The region, which broke away from Moldova in 1992, backed by Russia, has not been recognised by any member states of the United Nations - Russia included.