Foreign Ministry

Purge at civil bureaucracy rings alarm bells

“Nothing has worked since Dec. 17 [2013]. We just cannot have anything moving,” a business friend of mine told me, complaining about the ministry reshuffles, which were part of the government’s plan to “clear the state” from the parallel state, meaning those known to be followers/sympathizers or opportunists who tried to act close with the Fetullah Gülen movement.

Turks leave Libya as consul general calls on Libyan government for responsibility

Some 250 Turkish citizens are leaving Libya, after a call from a renegade Libyan general to Turks and Qataris to leave the country’s east within two days or suffer a backlash from the public.

Most Turkish nationals have left the country since the Foreign Ministry issued its own warning, Anadolu Agency quoted Turkey’s Benghazi Council General Ali Sait Akın as saying on June 23.

Turkey reshuffles key envoys

A long-awaited decree reshuffling the Foreign Ministry’s key diplomats has been finalized with appointments to crucial posts like Moscow, Tehran, Rome and Madrid. One of the most important reshuffles is the appointment of deputy undersecretary Ömer Önhon, who was responsible for the Middle East, particularly Syria, to Madrid as Turkey’s ambassador.

Turkey’s G-20 summit spending under scrutiny

The government’s attempt to exempt spending for the 2015 G-20 summit from regular public procurement procedures has prompted a debate at Parliament over the cost of the plans The government has moved to exempt spending on the G-20 summit, which will be hosted by Turkey in 2015, from regular public procurement procedures, sparking reactions from the opposition.

Gov't steps in to help Romanians stuck in Albena because of floods

The Romanian Government, with the direct involvement of the Department for emergency interventions coordinated by Raed Arafat, has decided to set up a working group for urgent management of the situation of Romanian nationals stuck in the Bulgarian spa town of Albena because of the floods that hit Bulgaria over the past days.