Foreign Ministry

Foreign Ministry janitor faces dismissal for failing to turn up for work

A janitor employed by the Foreign Ministry is to be dismissed after failing to turn up to work for 11 months, according to a Council of State ruling made public on Thursday.

The employee’s dismissal was originally ordered by the ministry’s disciplinary council as the worker in question had never applied for sick leave or any other type of time off.

Turkey expects ECHR to stick to earlier ruling over Swiss appeal on ‘genocide’ case

Turkey has said it is confident that the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights will stick to the court’s earlier decision ruled that punishing denials of "the Armenian genocide" constitute a violation of freedom of expression.

When the ballot box is good (and when it’s bad)

Orson Wells was at least partly right when he said: “Popularity should be no scale for the election of politicians. If it would depend on popularity, Donald Duck and The Muppets would take seats in the Senate.” Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a better instrument for democracy than the ballot box.

Turkey calls on int’l community to lend support to new Palestinian gov’t

Ankara has voiced support for the new unified government between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas and has urged the international community to also support the move.

Ankara believes the newly formed government will eventually help build sustainable peace in the Middle East.

"Conditions for Serb participation in polls must be met"

"Conditions for Serb participation in polls must be met"

BELGRADE -- The Serbian government has not as yet voiced a position on Serb participation in the June 8 elections in Kosovo, "but all the conditions for it must be met."

This is what Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić said on Sunday.