Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry

Poison flows in Ergene River due to industrial waste mixing in Turkey's west

A famous river dubbed the "life source of Thrace" in Turkey's west has been flowing with poison because it has mixed with industrial waste. 

The Ergene River, which stems from the Yıldız Mountains and has seven arms, turns into poisonous water five kilometers away from its source after it merges with several other arms of the river. 

Bald ibises to have new homes

New shelters are being searched for bald ibises, which live only in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa's Birecik district in Turkey, in a bid to take them under protection as they are at risk of extinction. 

Works have been carried out in the Bald Ibis Reproduction Station, established by the Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry in 1977 for the reproduction of these birds. 

Detention warrants issued for over 300 people in Istanbul, Ankara over alleged Gülen links

The Chief Public Prosecutor's Office in Istanbul issued detention warrants for 168 people as part of ongoing investigations into the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) on July 21, of which 115 people were detained, while detention warrants were issued in Ankara for another 159 FETÖ-linked suspects on the same day, state-run Anadolu Agency reported. 

Turkish ministry releases millions of bugs into forests to prevent harmful insects

The Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry has released millions of bugs into forests in a bid to prevent other harmful insects from damaging trees. 

Different species of bugs were developed in a total of 51 laboratories formed by the ministry, before around 13 million "terminator bugs" were released into nature, daily Habertürk reported on June 30.

39 pitbulls undergo rehab after being seized in operations in Turkey's Manisa

A total of 39 pitbulls which were used in criminal activity by their owners have been put into a rehabilitation program in the Aegean province of Manisa, Doğan News Agency reported May 30. 

The dogs will not be put up for adoption, according to officials from the Temporary Animal Nursery, which is under the control of Manisa Municipality.  

Turkish ministry warns businesses by sea turtle beaches must adhere to rules 

The Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry has issued warnings to businesses active in 21 areas where sea turtles nest in Turkey, asking them to follow rules when laying out sunbeds and umbrellas and to turn off their lights at night during spawning season.