Kerry 'confident' after US Senate compromise on Iran deal

US Secretary of State John Kerry on April 15 welcomed a compromise with Congress on giving lawmakers a say on any final deal on Iran's nuclear programme.

Kerry said the measure approved April 14 by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which raises the threshold for critics in Congress to block any accord with Tehran, made him "confident" ahead of a June 30 deadline.    

The realignment of the world

Since the end of the Cold War, the international system has been fluctuating. While the bipolar system has ended, no equivalent is in place yet. In the early days of the post-Cold War era, some talked about the unipolar moment as the United States dominated the world with its unrivalled economic and military power.

Beyonce, Gaga join call to tackle female poverty

Beyonce Knowles and Lady Gaga are among 36 prominent women who have signed a petition calling March 8 on the G7 and the African Union to tackle female poverty.
The US singers were joined by actresses Meryl Streep, Charlize Theron, Rosamund Pike and Rita Wilson in signing the letter, issued on International Women's Day.

Osborne warns of expansive crisis probability while Hollande and Merkel meet

Finance Minister of the Britain, George Osborne sees the debt crisis in Greece leading to a generalized problem for the Eurozone. The Minister’s statements come just a few hours prior to the crucial Eurogroup meeting. He also reiterated that the Eurozone needs to find a commonly acceptable solution, while the UK should continue its monetary policy which has “kept it safe”.


South Stream Gas Pipes ‘Still Arriving’ in Bulgaria

The European Commission on Thursday said that it was aware that a video showed workers at Varna harbour in Bulgaria making room for more pipes to be used for the construction of the pipeline, EurActiv reported.

The video was published by Dnevnik, which said the first batch of pipes had arrived by sea on August 14 from Germany.