Day 124 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Battle of Lysychansk Continues, Zelensky wants More Weapons

Russian missiles hit the Ukrainian capital Kyiv as G-7 leaders discussed new sanctions against Russia in Germany. To the east, the battle continued in the city of Lysychansk, the last major Ukrainian-controlled city in the Luhansk region.

Americans send the most powerful weapon? It hits a target at 160 km

President Joe Biden, who is at the G7 Summit in Germany, recently announced that the United States will provide "a more advanced missile system and ammunition" for Ukraine, while the war with Russia is intensifying. Also, Biden and other leaders of the G7 countries should be addressed today by the Ukrainian President, by video call.

G7 to ban Russian gold imports, choking key market for Putin

The United States said yesterday that the G7 group of nations will ban imports of Russian gold with the aim of tightening sanctions screws on Moscow and crippling its war effort in Ukraine.

"Together, the G7 will announce that we will ban the import of Russian gold, a major export that rakes in tens of billions of dollars for Russia," President Joe Biden said on Twitter.

Ο Όλαφ Σολτς καλεί τη Ρωσία να επιτρέψει τις εξαγωγές σιτηρών από την Ουκρανία

Η επισιτιστική κρίση θα συζητηθεί στη σύνοδο της G7 στις 26η - 28η Ιουνίου στη Βαυαρία

Πόλεμος στην Ουκρανία: Ο Ζελένσκι ανακοίνωσε ότι και οι 60 άμαχοι στο σχολείο της Μπιλοχορίβκα σκοτώθηκαν από ρωσική βόμβα

Είναι νεκροί και οι εξήντα είπε στη σύνοδο του G7 o Ουκρανός πρόεδρος