General Police Administration

Former police commander Glavič denies political interference

Ljubljana – Former head of the Ljubljana Police Administration Boštjan Glavič denied he had been under political pressure on the job as he was interviewed on Friday by the parliamentary commission investigating suspicion of political interference in police. He also discussed developments after the 25 June protest and removal of the Yellow Jackets.

Mass anti-government protest calls for early election

Ljubljana – Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Ljubljana on Friday protesting against the government’s actions and calling for an early election. The rally included various groups and movements and was supported by trade unions and part of the opposition. PM Janez Janša said spreading Covid-19 with unregistered mass rallies was a crime.

Police visited STA chief supervisor due to a number of reports

Ljubljana – The police is leading an investigation to determine whether there are elements of suspected criminal acts prosecutable ex officio based on allegations of irregularities regarding the STA. Investigators visited the STA chief supervisor based on a number of reports of these allegations and not based on a government decree, the police has said.