Bulgaria Has New Caretaker Government: What Lessons Can It Learn from Dutch?

aretaker governments do not have to be weak governments: The Netherlands has demonstrated this well over the past few months. Maybe Bulgaria's struggling caretaker administration can take a few lessons on board?

Bulgarians will be heading to the polls once again on November 14 to cast a vote in the country's third parliamentary election of the year.

Polling Survey Shows at least 6 Parties in Next Parliament

At least 6 political parties will enter the next Parliament. The margin between the GERB-UDF and anti-establishment "There is Such a People" party is small, a survey by Trend polling agency showed on June 22.

Former PM Boyko Borissov's party GERB is first with 21.7%, "There is Such a People" is second with 20.2%.

Bulgarian Defence Expert to Lead Caretaker Cabinet Until July Polls

Stefan Yanev (left) in Brussels in February 2017 with then US Defence Secretary James Mattis. Photo: EPA/STEPHANIE LECOCQ

The caretaker cabinet was appointed after the failure by several political parties - outgoing ruling party GERB, There's Such a Nation and the Bulgarian Socialist Party - to muster a coalition after the inconclusive results of elections on April 4.

Predictions a Fool’s Game in Post-Election, Pre-Election Bulgaria

Uncertainty is the only certainty in Bulgarian politics these days.

Since an inconclusive election on April 4, both the winner - long-time ruling party GERB - and the second-placed upstarts 'There's Such a Nation' have failed to cobble together a majority in parliament, meaning the baton will pass to the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP.

Stand Up! Mafiosi Out! Wait to See Slavi Trifonov to Form Government

Maya Manolova,MP of the new parliamentary party Stand Up BG! Mafiosi Out!" told bTV that the consultations with President Rumen Radev were "constructive, open, transparent and all parliamentary groups have declared their intentions in terms of supporting the formation of a stable government.