Government of Serbia

Moscow's response to the Serbian minister: Rather strange position

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, in her Telegram channel, responded to the call of the Minister of Economy of Serbia, Rade Basta, to the government to join the sanctions against Russia in connection with the growing pressure on the republic from the West.

Serbian gov't sends 105 t of aid to quake-hit Syria

BELGRADE - The Serbian government has sent 105 t of aid to the quake-hit population of Syria.

The aid shipment, worth around 1 mln euros, consists of medicines, medical equipment and supplies, food, tents, power generators, blankets, toiletries and other supplies needed by the population, the government said in a statement.

Happy New Year 2023!

We repeated the same wish at the beginning of 2022. This time, it seems that we managed to forget about the pandemic and the pain it caused us in the previous 30 months.
However, the coronavirus did not disappear - it was only replaced by a bigger suffering.

The session of the Assembly on the Government of Serbia to be resumed today

The majority of heads of parliamentary groups expressed their views on the new Government of Serbia, and the main criticisms of the opposition were related to the fact that it is a government of continuity, with the assessment that the previous one has not worked well, as well as that the government is formed by Aleksandar Vui, and is represented by its prime minister-designate, Ana Brnabi