Greek Army

Greek helicopters operate in East Med during exercise

The Greek Army has released photos taken during a Greek-Israeli military exercise. During the drill, which took place late October, four Apache helicopters and two Chinook transport helicopters flew from the Stefanovikeio airbase in the Greek region of Magnesia to Israel, before returning to Greece via Cyprus, the General Army Command (GES) said.

Greece arrests two Turkish service members at border

A Greek army spokesman says two Turkish military personnel have been arrested for allegedly crossing into Greece illegally.

The spokesman told The Associated Press the arrests took place along the border in northeastern Greece on Sunday. He denied Greek media reports that gunfire was exchanged during the incident.

Greek paratrooper arrested for firing gun without reason at Hania base

A Greek army paratrooper was arrested on Monday was arrested after allegedly firing his service gun for no justifiable reason while on duty at his station near Hania, on Crete.

The paratrooper, who was not identified, is said to have abandoned his post at the barracks, where he had been on guard duty, and fired in the air before fleeing the compound.

Arms dealer Liakounakos and three others get 16-year suspended term over defense deal

A three-judge criminal court in Athens on Wednesday passed down a 16-year suspended prison sentence to Greek arms dealer Thomas Liakounakos, a senior executive of his company SONAK and two former defense ministry officials in connection with an electronic defense system which SONAK was commissioned to provide for the Greek army but which it failed to deliver.