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Greek army chief says country's forces react with prudence to Turkish provocations

Greek armed forces tackle Turkish provocations prudently while offering this country a reliable prevention force, the chief of the Hellenic Armed Forces General Staff, Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis told the Delphi Economic Forum on Thursday.

Greek Supreme Court: Investigation for the actions of MoD Panos Kammenos regarding an ammunition sale to Saudi Arabia


Under the “microscope” of the Corruption Prosecutor are the actions of the Greek Minister of Defence Panos Kammenou regarding the case of the sale of defense material (300,000 105mm projectiles) from the stocks of the Greek Army to Saudi Arabia.

Muslim clerics convicted after funeral spat in northern Greece

A Greek court has sentenced two Muslim clerics to seven months in prison after they led prayers at a funeral service instead of using a state-appointed preacher.

The court Monday found the two men guilty of disturbing a religious ceremony and usurping authority, but the sentences were suspended and they weren't detained.

The first nations to use aircraft to bomb ships were…Greece & Mexico?

In the annals of aerial warfare, the names of Greece and Mexico don’t usually appear very often.

Yet Greece and Mexico were the first to use aircraft to bomb ships, a breakthrough that led to the Pearl Harbor raid—and to today’s aircraft armed with ship-killer missiles.

The Black Book of the sufferings of the Greek people in Turkey (LINK)

In honor and memory of the Genocide of the Greeks of Pontos, we present to you a link to a book edited in 1920 by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, that records just a fruction of the sufferings of the Greek populations by the Neo-Turks of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

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Three days of mourning declared by armed forces over deadly helicopter crash

Greece's armed forces on Wednesday declared three days of mourning on the orders of Defense Minister Panos Kammenos over a helicopter crash earlier in the day that killed four army officers and injured one.

The Huey UH-1H went down north of the town of Elassona in northern Greece during what officials said was a routine border patrol flight.