Greek Army

How the 3,000-year Greek presence on the Aegean shore came to an end

A very interesting analysis about the real fate of the Greeks of Asia Minor. What is important about it is that it has been written by a Turkish researcher and is being presented in the website of an organization -“Philos Project”- that is not affiliated with Greece, hence it could not be accused of been biased.

Greek army cadets impressive display! (video)

Members in the Greek army’s officer cadet school undergo hours of tough drills and training to achieve the highest levels of preparedness. The precision, skills and training were showcased in a video posted inline. Their impressive display in perfect coordination demonstrated they were ready to perform their duties whenever called upon.


Turkish extreme-right party leader to Greece: Remember what happened in 1922

The leader of the extreme right Turkish Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Devlet Bahceli openly threatened Greece that if its army wanted to be thrown into the sea again, the Turkish army was ready. Commenting on the recent increasing tensions between the two countries in the Aegean Sea, Mr.

Turkey accuses Greece of raising the Greek flag on a…Greek island! (PHOTOS)


According to the Turkish Media, Greece has captured the island of Oinousses, which they call “Koyun”, and has put a garrison there. They say that the Greek Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Alcibiades Stefanis, made a “provocative” visit on the island!

As they say, the Greek General “visited the island without anyone stopping him(!) raised the Greek flag”…

The 103rd anniversary of the proclamation of Autonomy in Northern Epirus was celebrated in Athens

On February 1914 the native Greek majority population of the areas of Argyrokastro, Delvino, Agioi Saranta, Himara, Premeti, Ersekas and Korytsa begun their armed fight as they denied to be placed under Albanian rule. These areas had been liberated the previous year by the Greek Army during the Balkan Wars after five centuries(!) of Ottoman oppression.

The Nazi invasion of the Balkans & Yugoslavia

In early 1941, Adolf Hitler could look at a map of Eastern Europe and think that his plans were progressing nicely. The invasion of the Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa, was coming in a few short months, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria had joined the Tripartite Pact, and Yugoslavia’s government signed on to the same on March 25th, 1941.

Turkish Foreign Minister blasts Greek Defence Minister over Imia

Turkish Minister on Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu warned Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos to “come to his senses” over the Imia isles, following the latter’s statements that Imia “was Greek territory and a visit to the region by any Greek citizen was similar to taking a stroll in his house.” In an provocative interview to Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet”, Mr.

Albanians "spread wings" in Greek army

BELGRADE - After the publication of a photograph of seven recruits of the Greek army of Albanian origin, who symbolized the two-headed eagle with spread wings using their hands - symbol which many connect with "Greater Albania", the thing got politicized, and the opposition, of course, insists on every possible type of responsibility of the security system in the army.

Greek soldier praises Turkish nationalistic group Grey Wolves on his facebook page! (photos)

The Greek army it seems is “infested” with anti-Greek nationalists of various ethnic backgrounds. Following the two incidents with the 7 recruits that posted a photo on social media flashing the Albanian eagle hand sign and a similar case of a soldier in the special Greek forces (ELDYK) in Cyprus, a new troubling case has emerged.