Greek Cypriot administration

UN envoy warns of 'crucial times' for Cyprus peace deal

Both sides of the island of Cyprus now have "the best chance" for a unification agreement, even though the dispute over gas exploration and an upcoming election on the Greek side have hampered the negotiations, UN special envoy Espen Barth Eide said.  "These are very crucial times for Cyprus itself, and also all the interested countries like Turkey and Greece," Eide told an interview at the UN

Turkey threatens Cyprus, oil giants ENI and TOTAL, and to annex Northern Cyprus

In a letter to the United Nations, Turkey’s UN Permanent Representative threatens Cyprus but also oil giants ENI and TOTAL over offshore hydrocarbon exploration in Block 6 in Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone. Ankara not only disputes the possibility of Cyprus to carry out exploration or give licenses but also declares in the most formal way that Block 6 belongs to Turkish continental shelf.

Turkish Cypriot leader warns Greek Cyprus over hydrocarbon exploration before talks restart

Turkish Cypriot President Mustafa Akıncı has warned Greek Cyprus ahead of a resumption of peace talks that if the natural resources drilling off the island starts before an agreement on the island then there will be new tensions, which he does not favor.

Greek Cyprus overturns 'Enosis' bill days before resumption of peace talks

Just a few days before the stalled Cyprus peace talks are set to resume, the Greek Cypriot parliament overturned the law that called for the celebration of a 1950 referendum seeking unification with Greece to be celebrated in schools, the main cause that led to a breakdown in talks.

Don't act like sole owner of Cyprus in energy search, Turkey tells Greek Cyprus

Turkey has condemned recent moves by Greek Cyprus to search for hydrocarbon reserves off the island and to hold talks with international energy companies on exploration, vowing to take all measures to protect the interests of Turkey and Turkish Cypriots.