Greek government

"Greece to recognize Kosovo? No way"

The former MP, otherwise a member of Prime Minister Mitsotakis' New Democracy, based his assessment on talks with several ministers from the Greek government.
"History, faith and friendship bind us to Serbia. I believe in the government of Prime Minister Mitsotakis, which keeps its old friends and makes new ones," said Mayor of Katerini Koukidimos.

Dendias in Israel, Palestinian territories calls for two-state solution with 1967 borders, shared capital

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias called for an emergency international Middle East peace initiative while on a visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories today, and he participated immediately thereafter in a teleconference between EU foreign ministers focusing on the raging problem.

He condemned Hamas and supported Israel's right to defend itself.

Evzoni border crossing open for everyone

The Evzoni border crossing is officially open to all passengers, "Prva TV" reports.
Reporter Bratislav Ilic said there was no crowd. He stated that there were about fifty cars waiting for the borders to be opened, but as soon as the Greeks opened the border, they all crossed quickly. He adds that passengers are also randomly taken out for testing.