Greek Parliament

Bullying in plain view

Perhaps the "how" now matters more than the "what." After all, we have all repeatedly watched the video. A fuming Lefteris Avgenakis moves against the airport employee and, with violent, aggressive gestures, snatches the phone from his hands to prove something amid their dispute over the politician's boarding.

Parliament receives case file on Tempe train accident

The criminal indictment related to the Tempe train accident was forwarded to the Greek Parliament by the Justice Minister on Thursday.

According to Odysseas Konstantinopoulos, the House Speaker, the indictment concerns the arrangement of the railway accident site following allegations of obstruction.

Can the Prespa accord be changed or annulled?

On the day the Prespa Agreement signed between Greece and North Macedonia was ratified by the Greek Parliament, the then leader of the main opposition and current Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, assailing ing its text, had declared on the floor of the Parliament: "So, if the Prespa Agreement is ratified, it will not be possible to annul it the next day, as it supersedes any law.

Institutional reaction

During the years of the financial crisis, the Greek Parliament witnessed incidents that did not honor the principles of parliamentary democracy. At that time, due to extreme polarization, there was no immediate institutional response available. This time however, as fringe forces once again seized prominence, the reaction was swift and efficient.