Greek Police

Operational inadequacy

Serious mistakes were clearly made in the police's handling of the rally in downtown Athens on Sunday in protest at the Prespes name deal, which descended into violence and resulted in dozens of injuries.

Clearly the force's strategy for the event was faulty and the riot police failed to rein in the extremist elements that sought to hijack the demonstration.

ND demands answers over police response to violence at Prespes deal protest

Tension between the left-led government and New Democracy over the police's response to violence at Sunday's demonstration against the Prespes name deal in Athens escalated on Monday after the conservative opposition published photographs showing protesters with their faces hidden by hoods, helmets and masks walking among the demonstrators carrying iron bars and bats without drawing the police'

More than 30 people involved in threats to MPs over name deal

Greek Police's security division has identified more than 30 people who have allegedly sent threatening messages to lawmakers who want to support the Prespes name deal, according to the preliminary investigation ordered by a prosecutor this week, state-run news agency ANA-MPA reported.

Police probing death of man with gunshot wound

Greek police on Wednesday were investigating whether a man who was brought to Hygeia hospital in northern Athens with a bullet wound in his back and pronounced dead was involved in a shooting incident in a nearby district.

According to police, one of its officers reported earlier in the day that he saw three suspects trying to push a woman into a car in Kato Kifissia.