Greek Police

Greek police arrest seven suspected of attacks on migrants

Greek police arrested seven people and were searching for another two on suspicion of planning or carrying out attacks on migrants on the island of Lesvos, authorities said Friday.

Police said five Greeks and two foreigners between the ages of 17 and 24 were arrested on Thursday night outside the Moria migrant camp, the largest camp for asylum-seekers in the Greek islands.

Greek police fire teargas at protesting migrants, refugees on Lesbos

Greek police fired teargas to disperse migrants and refugees protesting on Feb. 3 about conditions in migrant camps on the island of Lesbos and the slow pace of processing asylum requests.   

Violence broke out near the Kara Tepe camp, a police official said, after hundreds of people marched from the island's congested migrant camps to the city of Mytilene.

Authorities see wide compliance with smoking law

High rates of compliance with the anti-smoking law continue to be recorded in restaurants and bars, according to the National Transparency Authority (EAD) and the Greek Police (ELAS).

More specifically, in the period between January 6 and 16, 86 percent of the 352 restaurants and bars that were inspected were found to be in compliance with the law.

Two police officers arrested on drug dealing charges

Two Attica police officers have been suspended from the service following their arrest on Saturday, allowing with a civilian, on drug dealing charges. 

The arrests followed an investigation which revealed that the pair had been procuring quantities of cocaine, allegedly for their personal use as well as small-scale distribution.

Nine detained over torched cars in central Athens

Nine people were detained on Thursday following a fourth day in a row of arson attacks on cars in central Athens.

According to the police and fire service, four cars were torched at 3.40 a.m. on Karachristou Street, in the district of Kolonaki, three of which were completely destroyed and the fourth was seriously damaged.

Firemen were called in to put out the blaze.