Half Note Jazz Club

Malia | Athens | February 23-26

Malia is set to enchant Athenian audiences in four soul-awakening performances at the Half Note Jazz Club (17 Trivonianou, halfnote.gr). Known for her captivating voice and versatile style, the Malawi-born musician transcends the boundaries from jazz to soul and from blues to neo-jazz. Malia will be joined by French pianist Alexandre Saada, and German double bassist Gerd Bauder.

Blues Cargo | Athens | February 15

Greece's most authentic Chicago blues band, Blues Cargo, is teaming up with renowned bluesman Michael Dotson at the Half Note Jazz Club (17 Trivonianou, Mets). Hailing from Chicago, Dotson is known for his high-energy "house-rockin' blues," delivering a raw blend of shuffles and boogies deeply rooted in tradition.

My Funny Valentine | Athens | February 14

Trumpet player Andreas Polyzogopoulos, alongside his talented collaborators George Kontrafouris and Kostas Konstantinou, is set to commemorate the most romantic day of the year at the Half Note Jazz Club (17 Trivonianou, Mets). The trio will pay homage to the legendary jazz figure, Chet Baker, known for his sensitive and cool sounds.

Curtis Lundy Quartet ft. Craig Handy | Athens | February 9-12

Double bassist, composer and orchestrator Curtis Lundy is set to grace the Half Note Jazz Club (halfnote.gr) with his quartet for four nights, from February 9 to 12. Emerging from the golden era of straight-ahead and hard-bop jazz, Lundy stands as one of the most iconic and sought-after musicians on the contemporary jazz scene, known for his robust yet profoundly lyrical playing style.

Tiger Lillies | Athens | January 5-15

Cult British cabaret act the Tiger Lillies returns to the stage at the Half Note Jazz Club (halfnote.gr) with a brand-new project, "Lessons in Nihilism." The inventive ensemble, formed in 1989, will present its new work in a world premiere to its loyal Greek audience. Tickets start at 20 euros and can be booked in advance on Viva's more.com.

Christmas Time | Athens | December 13

Greek actress and singer Tina Alexopoulou brings to life a festive musical show, blending classic hits like "Life Is a Cabaret" and "New York, New York" with seasonal favorites at the Half Note Jazz Club (halfnote.gr). Her repertoire spans from swing and Latin to Greek classics, all performed in her versatile vocal range across eight languages. Tickets range between 10-15 euros.

Darklight | Athens | November 29

Award-winning German jazz singer Philipp Weiss and multidimensional pianist and composer Stathis Anninos present their show "Darklight" at the Half Note Jazz Club (halfnote.gr) on November 29. The beautiful melodies of Robert Schumann with the poetic lyrics of Weiss represent an atmospheric journey through darkness and agony into the light of coexistence and love.