Hellenic Bank Association

Hercules program is heading for expansion

The issues of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund's divestment from Greek banks and the expansion of the Hercules program were at the center of the meeting held this week by Minister of National Economy Kostis Hatzidakis with the Hellenic Bank Association.

The new Hercules program will include three pending securitizations amounting to 3 billion euros.

Stournaras meets with SSM’s Enria to discuss Greek banks

Bank of Greece Governor Yannis Stournaras met on Thursday with Andrea Enria, chair of the Supervisory Board of the European Central Bank's Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM).

Enria met with Stournaras and other members of the Bank of Greece's administration, as well as with representatives of the managements of Greek banks and the Hellenic Bank Association.

Limit on contactless payments to rise

Viva Wallet, the company which operates the vast majority of card terminals in Greece, as well as being active in six other countries, said on Monday its equipment has been upgraded and now accepts contactless payments without the card user having to punch in their PIN for amounts up to 50 euros, as banks had requested.

Bank association urges customers to pay bills online to limit contacts, avoid cash

The Hellenic Bank Association (HBA) urged customers to favor electronic transactions over visiting bank branches and to rely on card payments instead of cash, as a way to limit the transmission of the new coronavirus.

In its press release, the association said banks would continue their operations as usual and resupply ATMs with cash.