Hellenic Bank Association

Bank association eyes SME loan handling

The nonperforming loans of major companies that have entered the Hellenic Bank Association's NPL Management Forum exceed 6 billion euros. The forum aims to improve coordination among banks and find common solutions. The HBA is now considering a similar initiative to tackle the problematic loans of small and medium-sized enterprises too.

Greek banks ask for ESM's cooperation

The Hellenic Bank Association (HBA) on Tuesday presented the head of the European Stability Mechanism, Klaus Regling, with figures showing the improvement in the fundamentals of the local credit system in 2016 while informing him of the challenges it now faces, particularly as regards liquidity and the efficient management of nonperforming loans.

Katselli rules out deposits haircut and banks recapitalization

President of Hellenic Bank Association and National Bank Luca Katselli ruled out the possibility of a deposits haircut and a new banks recapitalization.

“Greek systemic banks just came out from a successful recapitalization process … and offer a very strong capital base,” she reassured on Sunday in an interview with Kathimerini newspaper.

Katseli reassures on “red” loans: Those who are cooperative borrowers should not be afraid

“Those who are cooperative borrowers and it is objectively impossible for them to pay off their loans should not be afraid of the auctioning of their primary residence,” the president of Hellenic Bank Association and National Bank governor Louka Katseli  answered to a clarifying question of Athens News Agency on the code of conduct of the Bank of Greece.

The recapitalization of banks is part of the economy’s normalization, Katseli says

The president of Hellenic Bank Association and National Bank governor Louka Katseli in a meeting with the National Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (ESEE) said she is in favour of second business opportunities and the settlement of bad loans.

She also added that capital controls will be lifted early 2016.