Hellenic Bank Association

Deputy PM meets with bank heads, liquidity dominates talks

Deputy Prime Minister Giannis Dragasakis met with the board of Hellenic Bank Association on Wednesday to discuss the liquidity of the bank sector, the contribution of banks in the fight against tax evasion and the improvement of public revenues collection as well as the more efficient use of development actions.

Banks may get full access to taxpayer data

By Thanos Tsiros

Banks are looking at having full access to citizens’ tax information as plans are being made to allow them to draw information from the Finance Ministry’s Taxis database on tax declarations and from the ministry’s registers. This process will be implemented via the “Teiresias” interbank system, which is already connected online to all of the country’s lenders.

More loans being issued to enterprises

By Evgenia Tzortzi

Bank loans approved in April via the funding instruments introduced by the Development Ministry amounted to 1.6 billion euros, posting a 10 percent increase from the previous month. Despite this positive development, credit expansion remained in negative territory last month at a rate of -3.7 percent, slowing from -4.1 percent in March.