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Venice Commission: Serbia Has Followed ‘Most’ Constitutional Recommendations

Serbia has followed "most" Venice Commission recommendations about its constitutional amendments - but the risk of politization of main judicial bodies still need to be reduced, the constitutional law advisory body of the Council of Europe said in its urgent opinion issued Wednesday.

"Kosovo remains in the preamble" VIDEO

Popovic stated that the amendments to the Constitution are one of the most important activities in the Action Plan for Chapter 23.
The change of the Constitution in the field of justice is the most important in the field of the rule of law, said Popovi and added that the rule of law leads to a legal system where there is legal security.

Albanian Protesters Clash with Police Outside Parliament

Clashes erupted on Monday as thousands of opposition supporters protested outside the Albanian parliament in a bid to stop the ruling majority electing a new temporary general prosecutor.

The protesters clashed with police, who used tear gas in a bid to subdue them. Some people were reported to have been injured.

Albania's Parties Feud Over New Chief Prosecutor

The five-year mandate of the General Prosecutor in Albania is ending without any agreement on a successor, which is expected to add to the existing tensions between ruling and opposition parties.

Adriatik Llalla assumed his five-year post on December 7, 2012 after serving as head of the High Inspectorate for the Declaration and Audit of Assets.