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Ukraine War Feeds Dreams of Hungarian Far-Right Reclaiming Lost Land

"We can never give up on the Hungarians living there and our abducted territories," he tells BIRN, advocating a stealthy approach, "just gently, carefully, diplomatically, step by step", for a revanchist policy that would, if put in practice, represent a major geopolitical shock in Eastern Europe.

Putin agreed?; Croatia expels Russian diplomats? Hungary is being warned

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Russia wants to focus on capturing Donbass in the coming weeks.
The U.S. Treasury Department today imposed sanctions on the most prominent dark website Hydra, based in Russia and the cryptocurrency exchange Garantex, which it claims operates primarily from Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Ministry's website said.

Janša, Orban see minorities as a bridge for cooperation

Lendava – Slovenian and Hungarian PMs Janez Janša and Viktor Orban stressed as they signed an agreement on cooperation to develop the border areas populated by the countries’ respective minorities in Lendava on Monday that the minorities were a “bridge for cooperation between two friendly countries” and economic ties between them brought double benefit.

Democracy Digest: Orban Urged to Cancel Putin talks as Region Vows Help for Ukraine

Hungary's united opposition urged the government to call off the meeting, which they labelled detrimental and contrary to Hungary's national interests. Russia's demands are aimed at restoring the former Soviet sphere of influence, the parties wrote in a statement.

Data Dealing: Oversight Concerns in Hungary over AI Data

Six months later, the findings are still to be published and, when they are, the NAIH says the public will see only a redacted version.

Data privacy experts are not holding their breath. Indeed, many are worried about what the episode says for the chances of NAIH doing its job when it comes to oversight of another emerging sector - the collection and monetising of public data.