Hungarian government

Soros responds to Hungarian government's "attacks"

US billionaire of Hungarian Jewish origin George Soros has responded for the first time to "Hungarian government's attacks," Reuters is reporting.

The article cites a statement issued by Soros' Open Society Foundations that said the campaign against him represented “distortions and lies designed to create a false external enemy."

Hungary: Governments should be “Dedicated to Christian values” that made Europe great

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that after decades of being under the control of “anti-Christian, internationalist powers” the country needs a government “based on the teachings of Christ” which “made Europe and the Hungarians great”.

Gazprom reviving "mini South Stream"

Gazprom has signed "road maps" with Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary to develop a pipeline for deliveries of gas from a future second leg of the Turkish Stream.

This in effect revives the abandoned South Stream pipeline - but this time with a quarter less capacity, Beta is reporting, citing the Moscow-based daily Kommersant.

Croatian, Serbian Rightists Join Forces at Family Conference

Conservative groups from Croatia and Serbia will take part in the 11th annual meeting of the World Congress of Family, WCF, in Budapest between Thursday and Sunday where a number of people from right-wing groups will gather.

Croatia's conservative NGO "In the Name of the Family" and Serbia's right-wing, anti-EU party Dveri both confirmed that their leaders will attend the event.