Hungary's Parliament

Greek PM hits out at Orban tactics

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, his Norwegian counterpart Erna Solberg and 11 other national leaders of the conservative European People's Party have written to the EPP's president, Donald Tusk, calling for the ejection from the group of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's Fidesz party due to authoritarian tactics.

The Generation that Betrayed Hungarian Democracy

This smart, ambitious and energetic group become the face of a generation of activists who were more fearless - and more radical - than any other political circle at the time.

We called ourselves "the children of divorced parents" - a metaphor for the political divisions between rural and urban intellectual circles that we idealistically hoped to heal.

Hungary will Attract Investors with 9% Corporate Tax

Hungary's government is on its way to cut the corporate tax to the lowest level in the EU in a sign of increasingly competitive tax practices among countries seeking to lure foreign direct investment, according to the Financial Times.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said a new 9% corporate tax rate would be introduced in 2017, significantly lower than Ireland's 12,5% and Bulgaria's 10%.

Hungary's Parliament Blocks Amendment on Ban of Settlement of Asylum Seekers

Hungary's Parliament has rejected the constitutional amendment proposed by PM Viktor Orban for a ban on the settlement of asylum seekers in Hungary, reported Reuters.

After the failure of the referendum on migrant quotas, this is a new blow against the Prime Minister which can make it difficult for him to continue with his fight against the migrant policy of the EU.

Passportless Migrants Protest in Budapest at Hungary's Travel Ban

Hundreds of migrants protested in Budapest on Wednesday at Hungary's decision to prevent them from travelling to Germany and other EU member states, the BBC reported.

The protests, now in their second day, have begun after Hungarian authorities banned travel for migrants without valid documents in order to comply with EU rules.

Hungary Fires Tear Gas to Prevent Migrants to Leave Reception Centre

Hungarian police used tear gas to prevent some 200 migrants to leave a reception center near the border with Serbia on Wednesday, AFP reported.

The police stepped in after migrants tried to leave the refugee registration center in Roszke without being fingerprinted. A police spokesman at the scene told AFP the sitiation has calmed down following the incident.