Independent Authority for Public Revenue

Taxisnet key now provided online via video conference

Taxpayers will now be able to talk to an Independent Authority for Public Revenue officer via teleconference and get a username and password to use the tax authorities' Taxisnet website, including for the submission of tax declarations. More services will soon become available via video conference, the Digital Governance Ministry and IAPR announced on Thursday.

Seized alcohol to be turned into antiseptics

Greek authorities plan to turn tons of ethanol confiscated from bootleg booze-makers into sanitizer to combat the coronavirus epidemic.
Up to 155 tons of seized alcohol is languishing in customs warehouses across the country.
Authorities say they are trying to find manufacturers willing to convert it into antiseptics.

State arrears to be offset or paid by year-end

The Finance Ministry is attempting to drastically slash the time it takes for the state to pay off its debts to suppliers and to offset debts to taxpayers or suppliers with any dues to all general government entities, in order to stop the creation of new overdue arrears to and by the state.

This will be accomplished through an online platform that has been created for that purpose.