Independent Authority

Uninsured vehicles

Back in 2013, Greece's Parliament passed legislation that enabled authorities to track down uninsured vehicles. Four years later, however, that law remains on paper.

Failure to see through the measure is just another sign of the country's ineffective public administration. It also demonstrates the absence of strong political will to implement the law.

Fresh tax arrears of 1.6 bln euros created in January

Taxpayers' expired debts are growing rapidly. According to figures released on Thursday by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue, Greeks created new tax arrears of 1.63 billion euros in January 2017.

This is one of the biggest rises in debt creation recorded in a single month in recent years and reflects taxpayers' inability to respond to their obligations.

Gov't unprepared for card payments

The Finance Ministry appears to have been caught napping as regards the implementation of the new law concerning electronic transactions, and taxpayers are yet to learn which receipts will count toward their tax discount this year, what will happen with medical expenditure and whether they still need to collect paper receipts.

Tax agency has big plans but a shortage of inspectors

The state is turning its inspection focus on the 2012-16 period, with the Independent Authority for Public Revenue - the former General Secretariat for Public Revenue at the Finance Ministry - planning 23,300 checks on taxpayers and corporations in 2017, even though it does not have enough employees to conduct them.