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Taxpayers unable to pay dues

Taxpayers' total overdue debts to the state soared to a record 101.8 billion euros at the end of December, in a clear indication that society's taxpaying capacity is at breaking point due to overtaxation.

In December alone, when 2018 road tax and an installment of the Single Property Tax (ENFIA) came due, new expired debts amounted to 1.3 billion euros.

New receipt lottery next Tuesday

The Finance Ministry has scheduled its next receipt lottery for January 30.

The ministry's Independent Authority for Public Revenue announced the draw on Tuesday will concern the online transactions that took place in December 2017. This concerns payments via credit and debit cards and all forms of electronic payments.

Grand lottery of receipts on Sunday

The grand Christmas lottery for online transaction receipts will be drawn on Sunday, with the Finance Ministry set to distribute 10 million euros between 10,000 lucky taxpayers, who will receive 1,000 euros each.

From Saturday, taxpayers should be able to view the lottery numbers corresponding to their transactions receipts from the first nine months of the year and from November.

Greeks crushed by tax burden

Tax authorities have confiscated the salaries, pensions and assets of more that 180,000 taxpayers since the start of the year, but expired debts to the state have continued to rise, reaching almost 100 billion euros, as the taxpaying capacity of the Greeks is all but exhausted.

Inspectors target illegal olive oil production and trafficking

The Independent Authority for Public Revenue is launching targeted inspections at olive oil production units in central and southern Greece after data pointed to income hiding and tax evasion in this sector.

Checks will focus on the areas where these phenomena are most common, such as Crete, the Peloponnese (Messinia, Argolida and Laconia) and Fthiotida in central Greece.