Independent Authority

Takings from deposits lists fail to impress

The deposits of Greek enterprises and individuals on the various lists of suspected tax dodgers given to Greek authorities add up to more than 10 billion euros, yet the tax evasion identified amounted to just 919 million euros (including the fines imposed), with only 107 million flowing into state coffers over the last three years.

One million confiscations planned for this year

Despite reactions, the state is planning to confiscate salaries, pensions, bank accounts and property assets from 1 million taxpayers during 2018, according to the business plan of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue, which was published on Thursday.

This also provides for the simplification of procedures for opening and emptying state debtors' safe deposit boxes.

Tax offices in major cities to be trimmed down

The Independent Authority of Public Revenues is planning to reduce the number of tax offices operating in Attica, Thessaloniki and Patra with a series of mergers.

The total number of tax offices around the country will be trimmed down from 115 to 97, while the 289 surplus employees arising from the scheme will be absorbed into the agency's auditing service.

State foreclosures to start on May 1

The Independent Authority for Public Revenue confirmed on Friday in a circular that property auctions for debts to the state will officially start on May 1.

The authority has decided that starting prices will be based on the commercial value of the asset to be auctioned, and that they will be determined by independent surveyors.

Taxpayers unable to pay dues

Taxpayers' total overdue debts to the state soared to a record 101.8 billion euros at the end of December, in a clear indication that society's taxpaying capacity is at breaking point due to overtaxation.

In December alone, when 2018 road tax and an installment of the Single Property Tax (ENFIA) came due, new expired debts amounted to 1.3 billion euros.