Independent Authority

No advance tax payments for 84,191 firms, professionals

About 35% of businesses and independent professionals who have submitted tax returns on their 2019 income have seen a drop in earnings that dispenses them from having to pay advance taxes on 2020 earnings, according to data released on Wednesday by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR).

Zero tolerance

It's like a chain reaction. Footage and reports of clashes between riot police and migrants on Lesvos fuel the existing frustration. They also promote conspiracy theories while exacerbating deeply rooted phobias in the local population. 

Slight decline in expired debts

The total volume of citizens' expired debts to the tax authorities declined slightly in November compared to the month before, data from the Independent Authority for Public Revenue showed on Thursday.

This reduction is mainly due to the fact that a number of old debts have been written off as impossible to collect.

Greeks refrain from paying taxes during traditional holiday month

Almost half a million taxpayers failed to pay taxes of more than half a billion euros in August, according to the statistics of the Independent Authority for Public Revenues.

These arrears mainly concerned income tax, where debts grew 15.6 percent compared to the same month in 2018, and value-added tax, where debts increased 5.9 percent from August last year.