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Most electricity suppliers forecast no price rise for households this year

Ljubljana – After Slovenia’s largest energy company Petrol announced earlier this week that it will increase the price of electricity in December, some predicted that other suppliers would follow, but most suppliers now forecast that their prices of electricity for households would not increase until next year.

Subsidised public transportation in Slovenia expanded

Ljubljana – Slovenia will significantly expand subsidised public transportation starting on 1 September in an effort to boost ridership and limit the use of cars.

Students with subsidised transport passes will no longer be limited to the home-to-school route, they will be able to travel on all routes in Slovenia year-round.

Government extracts regulation of gas supply from energy law

Ljubljana – The government confirmed on Thursday a bill that extracts the field of gas supply from the umbrella energy law and regulates it independently, with the additional provisions dealing with emergency measures and implementation of the solidarity mechanism of aid to EU member states in the case of gas supply disruptions.

Dnevnik welcomes regulation of electric scooters

Ljubljana – Dnevnik welcomes in Thursday’s commentary new rules which regulate the use of electric scooters, hoping riders will embrace them to improve safety in Slovenian streets. The newspaper says that better road safety starts with all traffic participants becoming aware of the new rules and complying with them.

Lower fines for speeding, higher for speaking on the phone kick in

Ljubljana – A set of changes to traffic rules entered into force today, substantially lowering fines for speeding while more than doubling the fine for talking on the phone while driving. The new law regulates electric scooters for the first time, and brings a novelty of turning right at a red light at crossroads with good visibility.

Energy permit issued for second unit of Krško nuclear power station

Ljubljana – The Infrastructure Ministry has issued an energy permit for the construction of the second unit at the Krško nuclear power station, a step that allows permitting procedures to begin and comes a week after the national climate strategy enshrined nuclear as a long-term energy option. The project will be managed by the state-owned Gen Energija.

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E-mobility and alternative fuels core transport priorities

Brussels – The main priorities of Slovenia’s EU presidency in transport are e-mobility and alternative fuels, Infrastructure Minister Jernej Vrtovec said as he presented the presidency agenda to the European Parliament’s Transport Committee on Tuesday. This will also be the main topic of an informal transport ministerial scheduled for September.

Slovenia’s EU priorities in transport will be sustainability, resilience

Luxembourg – Infrastructure Minister Jernej Vrtovec attended a meeting of EU transport ministers in Luxembourg on Thursday to present the priorities of Slovenia’s upcoming EU presidency in transport. He said the country would promote sustainability and resilience, the Infrastructure Ministry said.