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Air Pollution is Choking Bosnia, Experts Warn

Bosnian towns like Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica, Lukavac and Kakanj are suffering from serious problems with air pollution, experts from the Federal Hydro-Meteorological Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina [FHMZBiH] told BIRN.

"Sarajevo is definitely one of the most polluted cities in Europe when it comes to air pollution," said Enis Omercic, an air-quality expert for the FHMZBiH.

Montenegro Takes no Chances Over Ebola

Montenegrin health authorities on Thursday said a specialist medical team for Ebola had been formed, although the country has not registered a single case of the disease.

The five-member team has already identified health care institutions and hotels that could use as temporary quarantine facility, the National Institute of Health said on Thursday.

Survey: Serbians "prefer" sedatives to narcotics

Survey: Serbians "prefer" sedatives to narcotics

BELGRADE -- 8 percent of Serbian aged 18-64 have used narcotics at least once in their life, while 22.4 percent used hypnotic and sedative medications in the past year.

This was revealed in the latest national lifestyle survey conducted by the Dr. Milan Jovanović Batut Institute for Public Health.